Junior Lobo Academy Child Care Center - Where learning is child's play
About Us
Our child care center is based on the belief that our childrens' needs are of the utmost importance. Our entire team is committed to meeting those needs.
Junior Lobo Academy was formed in February 2010 by sister-in-laws/best friends, Carrie Pierce and Jami Arnold. We started out with 12 wonderful children. Today, we care for 56 children on a daily basis.  We care and love each one of them. 
We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.
1498 IH-20 West
Cisco, Texas 76437
Mon - Fri: 7:30 am to 5:30 pm
Our Staff
Carrie Pierce - Owner/Director
Mrs. Carrie has four children of her own.  She is married to Shane Pierce.  She has lived in Eastland all her life. She is the director and part owner of Junior Lobo Academy. Mrs. Carrie takes care of the financials, enrollment, purchasing,  and many other daily responsibilities for the center.
Jami Arnold - Owner/Assistant Director
Mrs. Jami has three children of her own.  She is married to Scotty Arnold. She currently lives in Eastland.  She is the assistant director and part owner of Junior Lobo Academy.  Mrs Jami takes care of the meals and the menus, keeps the staff in line, and plays with the kiddos. Its hard to keep her out of a classroom.
Katrina Briseno - Senior Staff/IPreschool Room
Ms. Katrina has four children of her own.  She lives in Eastland.  She currently cares for the preschooler..  Ms. Katrina has worked for Junior Lobo Academy since March 2010.  When Mrs. Carrie and Mrs. Jami are absent from the center, Ms. Katrina is in charge. Ms. Katrina is our senior staff member. She ALWAYS remembers birthdays, ages, allergies, and full names. We love Ms. Katrina!!
Christine Allen - Infant Teacher
Mrs. Christine has one child of her own. She is married to RC Allen. She lives in Cross Plains. Mrs. Christine cares for babies in the infant class. .
Ashlie Traweek - Intermediate Teacher
Mrs. Ashlie has two children of her own. She married to Austin Traweek. She lives in Cisco.  Mrs. Ashlie takes care of our intermediate class. In the intermediate class, Mrs Ashlie assists the children while potty training. She loves to make crafts and paint hands and feet!
Megan Brittain - Toddler Teacher
Miss Megan lives in Eastland. She is in charge of our toddlers which sometimes take charge of her. She loves teaching the ABCs and 123s.
Cheryl Binger - Dinoland Kids
Ms Cheryl lives in Cisco. She has two grown children. She takes care of our Dinoland kids. She loves to teach new adventures to the children.

Darci Preston - School kids
Miss Darci lives in Cisco. She is in charge of our After School program.  She meets the kids at the bus, feeds them snack, and watches them play!

Wendy Samples - Floater
Mrs Wendy lives in Eastland.  She has one child. Mrs Wendy is the daycare floater.  She spends a half day each week with every class.

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